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A full day of stars decorate and design an engineering limited liability company

A full day of stars decorate and design engineering limited liability company to establish In October of 2001, having a 3-rated natural intelligence certificate of business enterprise of adornment, mainly being engaged in guest house,wine shop,transact building,business store and amusing space,park green turn,the house live the house adornment design and construction a service.
Company the technique strength is strong currently, owning the construction troops,perfect after-sales service system of the excellent designer,professional construction management,high character and the adornment material finished product supplier of the superior quality, real can make the repay that the customer gets a thing to have a value.At good quality,heavy service of in the meantime, company according to science and technology talented person information etc. advantage, take design as to lead first, duct into a new daily life at home principle in the modern house reside repair the profession, the modern techno-culture and China the traditional culture blends mutually, designing with meticulous care,with meticulous care budget,choose a material with meticulous care and start construction with meticulous care, the construction low price,quality is excellent hard,the personal status is elegant of modern,sweet,comfort,healthy daily life at home environment.
Since the company establish, persistence with service of good and bad to measure an oneself, treat customer as the first, the quality is a root, steady-going of serve for the customer, was subjected to the good opinion of the large customer deeply, my company all engineering offer transparency, all materials after customer checking before acceptance in person carry on a construction again, the artificial fee according to decorate profession of the charge standard take, construction process in, my company appoints the experienced reason as you to guard a pass strictly, repairing association according to the city 3.15 standard cent the segment check before acceptance, eradicating completely the whole to suffer from, insuring you to repair new residence nonexistent and any problem.The engineering completion of work juniors goes total engineering to check before acceptance, the whole engineering protects to fix for two years, the water gives or get an electric shock the concealment engineering and waterproof and leakproof engineering to protect to fix for five years, maintaining life long.
The each one step that the company development strengthen contain numerous sweats and strenuous effort that a full day of star employees pay, relevant heart a full day of stars decorate of the all levels lead of the encouragement and the support.Be constructing to decorate this profession for change with each passing day, won't break new point of departure the result conduct and actions, examine an oneself,perfect oneself and surmount an oneself continuously, create a full day of star gold medals to decorate with all strength, take"design innovation, the quality create excellent, service top-grade" as an aim, provide an all-directions meticulous thoughtful service for the customer, use perfect modern life space of our hands and the wisdom and ability construction.
"A full day of stars decorate" the sincere expectation is your service ……

A full day of stars in Guangxi decorate and design engineering limited company
Address:shenyang road guixin garden building B the 19 layers Nanning city

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Address:shenyang road guixin garden building B the 19 layers Nanning city